California Yellowtail Counts by Boat - April 6, 2017

We had a big birthday today… John Yamate turned a young 60! Some may say he’s over the hill, but all you need to do is watch him fish to know he’s simply on to the next! Happy Birthday to a great guy and great fisherman!
Photo Credit: Royal Polaris Crew
John Yamate
Royal Polaris
San Diego, CA

California Yellowtail Fish Counts

Rank Boat Trip Type Caught
1 Liberty
San Diego, CA
3/4 Day 109
2 Tribute
San Diego, CA
Overnight 60
3 San Diego
San Diego, CA
3/4 Day 46
4 Malihini
San Diego, CA
3/4 Day 35
5 Mission Belle
San Diego, CA
3/4 Day 23
6 Thunderbird
Newport Beach, CA
Overnight 14
7 Mustang
San Diego, CA
Overnight 7
8 Sport King
San Pedro, CA
3/4 Day 1